Short Film - Post Production
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An in-camera, multiple exposure, 16mm anamorphic, experimental short film with a carnival theme. This was shot for a 48hr film festival competition and requires only a soundtrack for completion. Running time is 4min.
    Short Film - Post Production
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Inspired by the B/W version of Wondershows, this is essentially the same film, but shot in colour and over multiple days over a couple of summers. This film requires editing and a soundtrack for completion. Running time is 5min.
  • Double Facade and the Unloved City
    Feature Film - Post-Production
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Double Façade and the Unloved City” is a feature documentary film that contrasts the international sustainable architecture movement with the ever stagnant city of Winnipeg, and its inability to embrace change and urban planning for fifty plus years.

  • Étonnez-Moi Benoît
    Feature Length - Development
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During the production of Keep A Modest Head Deco Dawson continued to film Jean Benoît and his work whenever the opportunity arose. The man is so fascinating and his history runs so deep that a feature length documentary is the obvious next step. Still equal parts experimental, animation and documentary film, the feature length project will reveal more about the man with interviews with his collaborators, friends and lovers.
  • Lord Only Knows I'm Gone
    Feature Length - Development
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Far off the beaten track in the dry, barren, rural plains of the dust bowl lives a small town suffering through the great depression. Two orphaned siblings who return to their father's farmstead upon his death, are pursued by the boot-stomping, gospel singing evangelical preacher and his townsfolk.

A dark and drought-filled film-noir of desperation, desire and death.
    Feature Length - Development
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It's 1929, the silent films are giving way to the new talking pictures. Ingenious European-import director Paul Fejos is strong-armed into re-envisioning his gangster picture as a musical. Lead actor Glenn Porter convinces the producers to let him also choreography the production, but when he gets in over his head, he is seduced by his co-star Merna Powell for her husband's celebrated, innovative choreography designs.