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In 1995 at the age of 17, Deco Dawson wrote his first stage play, a 15 minute two-hander entitled "Catalyst Control". This play was submitted to The Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba, a theatre company known for doing social themed theatre, who were holding open submissions for new work for their upcoming season. Deco Dawson's play was one of only two selected for production.

A professional cast and well known director Grant Guy were hired for the production.

From 1995-2001 Deco Dawson continued to write stage plays even while his film career began to gain momentum. In 1997 Deco started directing and producing his own theatre shows, both at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and within separate, independent venues throughout Winnipeg.

Deco studied theatre at the University of Manitoba's Black Hole Theatre Company from 1996-2000, though he chose only to present one play at the theatre, the silent-film inspired, dialogue-less physical comedy, slapstick show "A Silent Act".

Deco Dawson wrote and or directed 14 of his own original theatre work. What started off as traditional, Theatre of the Absurd inspired theatre, gently morphed into site specific creations, filled with working set environments and great sections of the shows dedicated physical, absurdist pantomime.

Vaudeville, the silent film comedians, the music hall and the work of Samuel Beckett are most evident in Dawson's original theatre work.

In 2003 Deco Dawson was contacted by the Little Theatre (Northwest Film Forum) in Seattle, Washington, and they proposed presenting a retrospective of all of Deco's film work and the commissioning of a new play to be presented at the Little Theatre.

Deco, actors Scott Pangman and Rylan Wilkie rehearsed a new show entitled "The Leitmotif Lives of Nero and Samdi" (seen on the left) and flew the show down to Seattle for a one week run in February 2003. The set consisted of 100 feet of garden hose, and 25 feet of piping running through the theatre above the audience and performers. Coupled with various taps, foot pumps and hanging bags of water, the set was a working waterworks, controlled by the actors on stage.

The Leitmotif Lives of Nero and Samdi was the last stage play Dawson wrote.


1995: Catalyst Control ---------- Produced by the Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba

1996: Absurdist Play ----------- Production by Prairie Theatre Exchange “PlayBlitz”

1997: A Diff ------------- Produced for the Assoc of Community Theatres

1997: Godea------------ Produced by Short Shots – Manitoba Association of Playwrights

1997: Godea ----------- Winnipeg Fringe Festival 3 Short Plays
Godea, EA, Play

1998: A Slient Act (45min) ----------- Produced by The Black Hole Theatre Company

1998: The Variety Show ------------- Endstop and Elsewhere

1998: A Silent Act (60min) ----------- Winniepg Fringe Festival – Endstop and Elsewhere

1998: A Diff ------------ Winnipeg Fringe Festival – Endstop and Elsewhere

1999: Noble Vestige ---------- Endstop and Elsewhere

1999: The Incidental Tribulations of Wake Me and My ----------- Winnipeg Fringe – E&E

2000: The Puermen ------------ Endstop and Elsewhere

2003: The Leitmotif Lives of Nero and Samdi ------------- The Little Theatre Seattle - Endstop and Elsewhere